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Sweet Legacy

Sweet Legacy is social enterprise dedicated to building bridges through food. We use the baking tradition, cooking classes, community events and partnerships to create opportunities for young people to learn, serve and grow in business and character. Our method is simple but effective...we learn from people who have already been there. Our mentors are well-established in the kitchen and we teach our young proteges to pay close attention so they can pass the recipes and life lessons along to the next generation of foodies. When you buy our products, sponsor an event, donate to our cause or come to a class, you are supporting our effort to create food memories and bonding opportunities for both youth and families.



Our Founder, Tierra Alexander is a Social Work PhD student at Louisiana State University. Sweet Legacy is a tribute to her Louisiana family tradition of fine desserts. Her grandmother taught her to bake at 9 years old. Her grandfather was a Pastry Chef. Her great-grandmother, aunt, uncle and many others.... all great cooks and great people who put love and laughter in every meal.


Tierra's research has led her to a growing need in our community. She is moved by the number of kids that lack or could be in jeopardy of not having the richness of shared meals and kitchen moments with their families due to many social changes we face. The Sweet Legacy Project is committed to help bring the generations together. Through this multi-generational approach, Tierra believes we can builld a sweet foundation that goes far beyond the kitchen.

How to Start and End Your Day

Eat Cake.